About Aegis

Intelligence Solution

AEGIS is an intelligence solution that provides a fresh and ingeniously simple approach to optimising maintenance and managing the entire asset life cycle resulting in increased production reliability and lower operational costs.

Always on point

Provides real-time asset information


Historic data

Enables monitoring of the asset condition and provides historic data of asset performance


All around support

Supports all your teams, including managers, maintenance and operational teams, integrity teams, inspection planners, risk analysts


Best service

Serves as the hub for service data, reports and drawings


Optimized workflow

Presents workflow status of each asset and total maintenance progress



Allows configurable reporting


Aegis Benefits

Well proven quality

  • Ease of navigation and search functions gives you overview of entire oilfield with ability to drill down to each individual asset

  • Allows you to prioritize preventive and corrective measures based on current asset conditions

  • Achieve reliable performance, avoiding unplanned disruptions of operations

  • Utilize assets to their maximum capability

  • Reduce risk and enhance safety

  • Improve life of assets and return on investment

Engineering through experience

AEGIS is an intelligence solution designed for maintanance enhancements created through Proserv's long experience in asset lifecycle management and engineering services within the energy industry. AEGIS shields your entire fleet of upstream assets, including wellhead control panels, chemical injection units, accumulators, and emergency shutdown systems.

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What is AEGIS?

AEGIS stands for Asset Enhancement Global Intelligence Solution. Proserv’s AEGIS intelligence solution is designed to provide exploration & production (E&P) and service companies with the ability to dramatically improve their asset life cycle by identifying and unlocking hidden value. AEGIS allows you to identify ways to reduce maintenance costs, support greater visibility into live operations and improve the overall maintenance performance process.


What are benefits of AEGIS?

By signing up for AEGIS:

  • You will be able to optimize maintenance while ensuring maximum uptime of production.
  • You will be able to conduct analysis of your asset conditions and monitor your oil fields asset life cycle.
  • Decrease your maintenance costs by adopting the proactive approach to detecting, preventing and reducing the downtime of your assets. It will assist you in developing optimization strategies by providing actual data generated from survey reports.
  • You will be able to plan, control and implement cost saving initiatives to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of your assets & systems.
  • This will increase safety, reduce risks and enhance your asset’s integrity.


How can I schedule a call with your representative for a presentation?

Kindly send as an email to aegis@proserv.com and our representative will address all of your enquires.